Service Features

Is Changing Our Lives

Do you have an Android device with 5G capability?

Get ready for unlimited possibilities with Flash Mobork is ready for you to experience.

Are you an Apple/iOS user?

We are working to enable 5G capabilities for Apple iOS devices on our network in the future.

What Is 5G?

5G is the latest generation in wireless network technology. Being a more advanced generation compared to 4G and 4G LTE.

Greater Bandwidth

5G can handle more connected devices.

Better Coverage

Flash Mobile offers 5G on the largest nationwide 5G network that covers over 80% the US population.

See coverage map >

Reliable Connections

You can count on a strong signal whether you are indoors or outdoors.

Unprecedented Speed

Get instant response times and secure connections with 5G speeds as fast as Wi-Fi and up to 15x faster than 4G.

5G with Flash Mobile

Flash Mobile runs on the nation's largest and fastest 5G network, covering more than 8,300 cities and towns. Broader coverage, faster speeds, and greater signal strength are now available to more than 200 million people coast to coast.

5G Is on Us

You don't have to pay extra to access 5G. It is included in your Flash Mobile plan.

Compatible 5G device

In order to take advantage of 5G, you'll need an unlocked 5G compatible Android phone that supports the technology.

Seamless 5G Experience

Once you are in a 5G area, you'll automatically switch to the 5G network. If 5G isn't available, then you'll continue to use the 4G LTE network.

Terms and conditions apply.

5G data speeds available on capable devices only. Coverage not available in all areas. While 5G access won't require a certain plan or feature, some uses or services might. 5G service available on 5G capable Android devices only; iOS devices are not currently supported.

Mobile Hotspot

Set up your device as a Mobile Hotspot so you can share your data connection with other devices.* Check Plan details for Hotspot.

How to Set Up Your Phone

iPhone iPhone

  • From the Home screen, tap Settings
  • Tap Personal Hotspot
  • Tap or slide the Allow Others to Join switch to ON

android icon Android

  • From the Home screen, swipe up to view your apps and tap Settings
  • Tap Connections and choose Mobile Hotspot and Tethering
  • Tap or slide the Mobile Hotspot switch to ON

Conditions apply. See for details.

Mobile Hotspot

When you're in a place that has weak or no mobile network coverage, like a basement, you may be able to make and receive calls and texts over a Wi-Fi network with your Flash Mobile phone number. Wi-Fi calling can be used in Flash Mobile's coverage area and from most international countries.

Wi-Fi Calling Is Easy to Set Up and Use

iPhone iPhone

  • From the Home screen, tap Settings
  • Scroll down and tap Phone
  • Under My Number, choose Wi-Fi Calling
  • Tap or slide the Wi-Fi Calling on This iPhone switch to ON
  • On the pop-up screen, tap Enable

android icon Android

  • From the Home screen, navigate to and open the Phone app.
  • Tap More Options - the three vertical dots on the right side of the Search Field
  • Tap Settings
  • Tap or slide the Wi-Fi Calling switch to ON

All devices:

When you First enable Wi-Fi Calling on Flash Mobile, you must provide the primary U.S. address where the Wi-Fi Calling service will be used.*

*When you first enable Wi-Fi Calling on Flash Mobile, you must provide us with the primary street address where the Wi-Fi Calling service will be used ("Your E911 Registered Address"). When you place a 911 call, even if you have Wi-Fi Calling services enabled, if a cellular connection is available, your handset will always place the 911 call over the handset's native dialer using a cellular connection to improve call quality and location accuracy for emergency services. However, if you call 911 over Wi-Fi, we will route your 911 call to your designated 911 Communications Center based on Your E911 Registered Address. We will transmit Your E911 Registered Address to the 911 Communications Center that answers the call and it may be used to help emergency responders locate you, but due to the limitations associated with Wi-Fi calling you should always provide the 911 Communications Center with your contact information and current location when calling 911.

If you need additional assistance with setting up Wi-Fi Calling on your device, visit our Interactive Tutorials select your mobile devices and enter "Wi-Fi Calling" in the search box to see the tutorial for your device.

Billing for Wi-Fi Calling & Texting

Wi-Fi Calling & Texting are included in your plan when you're in the U.S., Canada or Mexico. When you travel to other countries, Wi-Fi calls and texts to/within other countries (excluding the U.S., Canada, Mexico) are subject to your plan's long-distance charges and require funds in your International Long Distance Wallet (ILD).


Enjoy FREE international calling and texting to Mexico and Canada with all Flash Mobile plans.* Check out other international rates by country below.

Country Country Code Landline Mobile Text SMS
Afghanistan 93 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Algeria 213 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
American Samoa 1684 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Andorra 376 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Angola 244 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Anguilla 1264 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Antigua and Barbuda 1268 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Argentina 54 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Armenia 374 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Aruba 297 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Australia 61 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Austria 43 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Azerbaijan 994 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Bahamas 1242 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Bahrain 973 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Bangladesh 880 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Barbados 1246 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Belgium 32 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Belize 501 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Bermuda 1441 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Bhutan 975 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Bolivia 591 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Bosnia and Herzegovina 387 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Botswana 267 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Brazil 55 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Brunei 673 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Bulgaria 359 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Cambodia 855 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Cameroon 237 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Cape Verde #N/A $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Cayman Islands 1345 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Chile 56 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
China 86 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Colombia 57 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Costa Rica 506 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Croatia 385 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Cyprus 357 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Czech Republic 420 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Denmark 45 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Dominican Republic 1809 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Ecuador 593 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Egypt 20 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
El Salvador 503 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Eritrea 291 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Ethiopia 251 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Fiji Islands 679 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Finland 358 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
France 33 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
French Guiana 594 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
French Polynesia 689 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Germany 49 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Ghana 233 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Gibraltar 350 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Greece 30 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Grenada 1473 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Guadeloupe 590 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Guam 1671 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Guatemala 502 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Guyana 592 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Haiti 509 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Honduras 504 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Hong Kong 852 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Hungary 36 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Iceland 354 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
India 91 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Indonesia 62 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Iran 98 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Iraq 964 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Ireland 353 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Israel 972 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Italy 39 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Ivory Coast 225 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Jamaica 1658 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Japan 81 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Jordan 962 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Kenya 254 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Kuwait 965 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Kyrgyzstan 996 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Laos 856 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Latvia 371 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Lebanon 961 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Libya 218 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Liechtenstein 423 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Luxembourg 352 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Luxembourg 352 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Macau 853 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Macedonia 389 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Malaysia 60 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Malta 356 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Martinique 596 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Mauritius 230 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Monaco 377 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Mongolia 976 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Montenegro 382 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Montserrat 1664 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Mozambique 258 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Myanmar 95 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Namibia 264 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Nepal 977 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Netherlands 31 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Netherlands Antilles 599 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
New Zealand 64 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Nicaragua 505 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Niger 227 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Nigeria 234 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Northern Marianas Islands 1670 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Norway 47 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Oman 968 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Pakistan 92 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Palau 680 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Palestine 970 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Panama 507 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Paraguay 595 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Peru 51 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Philippines 63 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Poland 48 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Portugal 351 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Puerto Rico 1787 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Qatar 974 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Romania 40 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Russia 7 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Saint Kitts and Nevis 1869 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Saint Lucia 1758 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Saint Vincent 1784 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
San Marino 378 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Saudi Arabia 966 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Senegal 221 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Serbia 381 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Singapore 65 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Slovakia 421 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Slovakia Republic 421 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Slovenia 386 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
South Africa 27 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
South Korea 82 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Spain 34 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Sri Lanka 94 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Sudan 249 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Suriname 597 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Swaziland 268 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Sweden 46 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Switzerland 41 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Syria 963 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Taiwan 886 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Thailand 66 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Trinidad and Tobago 1868 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Turkey 90 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Turkmenistan 993 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Ukraine 380 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
United Arab Emirates 971 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
United Kingdom 44 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Uruguay 598 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Uzbekistan 998 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Venezuela 58 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Vietnam 84 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
Yemen 967 $0.99/min $0.99/min $0.00/text
International call

To make an international call


Log in to My Account and select Manage ILD Wallet


Add $10 or $25 ILD Add-on to your Wallet


To make a call, dial 011 +(country code) + phone number

* Conditions apply. See Terms and Conditions for details.

international roaming

With Flash Mobile, you’ll stay connected when traveling abroad with a talk at low per-minute rates and text and data included! Share your experiences while you discover new places, meet new people, and keep that map up to date (because you don’t want to get lost).

North America Roaming

Traveling in Mexico or Canada?

Flash Mobile plans include international talk and text within and between the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

Roaming Country Call Text SMS Data
AFGHANISTAN $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
ALBANIA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
ALDERNEY $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
ALGERIA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
ANGUILLA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
ARGENTINA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
ARMENIA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
ARUBA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
AUSTRALIA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
AUSTRIA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
AZERBAIJAN $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
AZORES $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
BAHRAIN $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
BANGLADESH $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
BARBADOS $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
BELARUS $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
BELGIUM $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
BELIZE $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
BERMUDA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
BOLIVIA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
BONAIRE $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
BRAZIL $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
BRUNEI DARUSSALAM $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
BULGARIA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
CAMBODIA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
CANADA $0.00/text$0.00/MB $0.00
CANARY ISLANDS $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
CAYMAN ISLANDS $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
CHAD $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
CHILE $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
CHINA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
CHRISTMAS ISLAND $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
COLOMBIA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
CONGO $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
COSTA RICA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
CROATIA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
CURACAO $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
CYPRUS $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
CZECH REPUBLIC $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
DENMARK $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
DOMINICA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
EASTER ISLAND $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
ECUADOR $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
EL SALVADOR $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
ESTONIA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
FAROE ISLANDS $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
FIJI $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
FINLAND $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
FRANCE $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
FRENCH GUIANA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
FRENCH POLYNESIA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
GABON $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
GEORGIA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
GERMANY $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
GHANA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
GIBRALTAR $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
GREECE $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
GRENADA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
GUADELOUPE $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
GUAM $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
GUATEMALA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
GUERNSEY $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
GUINEA-BISSAU $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
GUYANA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
HAITI $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
HERM $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
HONDURAS $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
HONG KONG $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
HUNGARY $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
ICELAND $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
INDIA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
IRAQ $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
IRELAND $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
ISLE OF MAN $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
ISRAEL $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
ITALY $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
JAMAICA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
JAPAN $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
JERSEY $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
KAZAKHSTAN $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
KENYA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
KOSOVO $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
KUWAIT $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
KYRGYZSTAN $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
LATVIA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
LIECHTENSTEIN $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
LITHUANIA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
LUXEMBOURG $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
MACAU $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
MACEDONIA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
MADAGASCAR $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
MADEIRA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
MALAWI $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
MALAYSIA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
MALTA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
MARIE GALANTE $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
MARTINIQUE $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
MAYOTTE $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
MEXICO $0.00/text$0.00/MB $0.00
MOLDOVA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
MONGOLIA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
MONTSERRAT $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
NAURU $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
NETHERLANDS $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
NETHERLANDS ANTILLES $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
NEW ZEALAND $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
NICARAGUA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
NIGER $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
NIGERIA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
NORTHERN IRELAND $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
NORTHERN MARIANA ISLANDS (SAIPAN) $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
NORWAY $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
PAKISTAN $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
PANAMA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
PAPUA NEW GUINEA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
PARAGUAY $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
PERU $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
PHILIPPINES $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
POLAND $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
PORTUGAL $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
QATAR $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
REUNION $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
ROMANIA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
RUSSIA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
RWANDA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
SAINT BARTHELEMY $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
SAINT EUSTATIUS $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
SAINT KITTS AND NEVIS $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
SAINT LUCIA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
SAINT MARTIN $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
SAINT SABA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
SAINT VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
SAMOA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
SAN MARINO $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
SARK ISLAND $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
SAUDI ARABIA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
SCOTLAND $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
SERBIA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
SEYCHELLES $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
SINGAPORE $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
SINT MAARTEN $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
SLOVAKIA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
SLOVENIA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
SOUTH AFRICA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
SOUTH KOREA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
SPAIN $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
SRI LANKA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
SVALBARD $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
SWEDEN $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
SWITZERLAND $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
TAIWAN $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
TANZANIA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
THAILAND $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
TONGA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
TURKEY $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
UGANDA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
UKRAINE $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
UNITED KINGDOM $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
URUGUAY $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
VANUATU $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
VATICAN CITY $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
VENEZUELA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
VIETNAM $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
WALES $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
ZAMBIA $0.40/min $0.00/text$0.00/MB
roaming call

How to make an international Roaming call


Login to My Account and select Manage International Roaming Wallet


Add $25 International Roaming Add-on to your Wallet


To make a call, Dial  plus sign (+)(Hold the zero down for 2 seconds) + (country code) + phone number

Terms and conditions apply.

Coverage not available in some areas. We are not responsible for our partners’ networks. Standard data speeds approx. 128 Kbps. Network Management: Service may be slowed, suspended, terminated, or restricted for misuse, abnormal or excessive use, interference with our network or our ability to provide quality service to other users. See Terms and Conditions for details.

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